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 We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


The Silver Nomad

Musings of a happy wanderer

So, you’re an older adult with a few funds, time on your hands and a hankering to travel independently.  This is the site for you.  I started my ‘real’ travel when I was 53.  That was in 1997 and I have spent every winter since then travelling (and doing some work) mainly in Asia.  I ‘retired’ from my consulting work this year (2015) but I am not retiring from travelling.  I loved my work (which you’ll find out more about as we go along) but I also love photography and writing.  I decided it was time to focus on the development of my creative side.  Hence,  this website is intended to showcase my travels, my photography and my other creative endeavours.  Additionally, so many people have asked me how I ‘did’ it (travelling solo as a senior), I thought it might be useful for others with a bit of wanderlust in their makeup to read about where I go and what I do.  Not that I want this to be a ‘how to’ site.  No, I am much more interested in sharing experiences of different cultures and history.  That’s what drives my curiosity.  So, if you are keen to learn what life is like outside your comfort zone, dive right in.  I am not into ‘adventure’ travel – climbing mountains or scuba diving to the depths of an ocean or two – but a ‘gentle adventure’, an ode to curiosity, an odyssey through different cultures, languages, history and geography.  Who knows, you might end up packing your bag and hopping on a plane.

Bon voyage!